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Posted by Laura M on Apr 1st 2024

We have so many amazing shows to watch with our kids these days! From Netflix to Disney+, there are an abundance of movies and series based on books available on the streaming platforms. It can be very tempting to watch a story unfold on the big screen prior to reading a novel. However, skipping the book means that children will miss out on the richness of details and imagination that authors provide. Streaming can’t beat the connection and magic… Read more
March is Women's History Month, which is the perfect time to celebrate the strength, brilliance, and thoughtfulness of girls. What better way to honor this than by diving into compelling stories featuring strong, resilient girls in leading roles? Here's a list of 15 great fiction reads with amazing heroines that are perfect for middle readers. Piecing Me Together by Renee Watson Acclaimed author Renee Watson offers a powerful story abou… Read more
School has started, fall is knocking on the door, and the time has nearly come for cozy-with-a-book season in the Pacific Northwest. That’s why we are excited to announce a new initiative for the upcoming school year that will continue to foster joy in reading in our young learners while raising money for the school programs we love: Pop-Up School Bookstores!What exactly is a Pop-Up Bookstore, you ask? It's a compact, curated bookshop experience… Read more
Wunderland Books exists to celebrate new and award-winning fiction for children and teens. One of the reasons we chose to focus on this area so specifically is because children deserve the opportunity to explore the growing wealth of diverse voices, timely storylines, and rich worlds created by today’s children and YA authors. Because enabling children to explore the diversity of new voices in literature is so fundamental to why we exist, we will… Read more

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